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  • How do I issue a complaint in QualtraDeal?
  • How do I create a new deal on QualtraDeal?
  • What are the details you require to process NEFT refund?
  • Can I ask for NEFT refund if I paid through Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking?
  • How will I get a refund for the order I cancelled or product I returned?
  • I am not satisfied with the quality of product I received. What should I do?

Special Topics

How to Buy
Learn ways to source products, contact suppliers, and post Buying Requests here.
How to Sell
Learn ways to search for buyers, manage and promote products here.
Account & Membership
Learn about registration, signing in, account management and My Qualtradeal.
Payments & Security
Being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself against cunning scammers. View more tips here.


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